About Willow & Greene

Willow & Greene creates everyday products with a luxury feel and minimal aesthetic to promote thoughtful living. Designed for the modern consumer looking to reduce waste and plastic without compromising style, quality and design.


All products are in stock and shipped from Pennsylvania. We offer free domestic shipping on orders over $50.


If you would like to buy an item as a gift please add the eco-friendly gift packaging option to your cart for the premium unboxing experience. 


The shelf life of our dishwashing soap is typically 12 months, depending on humidity and moisture level.


All our packaging is 100% plastic free. We are a close to zero plastic company. We aim to be mindful in the way we develop, package and produce products aiming to reduce waste and promote thoughtful sustainable practices.


We are a small business and unfortunately cannot offer returns. However if your item is damaged, lost or faulty in anyway please reach out at hello@willowandgreene.co and we will send you a new one immediately.  

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Send an e-mail with any comments or questions to hello@willowandgreene.co and follow our journey on Instagram @willow_and_greene

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