About Us

eco friendly mom

Willow & Greene is an eco-friendly brand launched in 2021 by a design loving mother of two young children. Our mission is to help you reduce plastic in style to lessen the burden on future generations. 

Our signature product is a solid dishwashing soap that we call the DISHBAR™. Uniquely formulated to cut through grease, our sudsy dishwashing bar contains only 7 clean ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

Accessorize your bar with our unique collection of essential products for your kitchen. Designed for the modern consumer looking to reduce waste and plastic without compromising style, quality and design.

 The intentionally designed kitchenware collection is the perfect accompaniment to the solid dish bars and we have divided our most popular items into kits to make it easy to switch out plastic in your home.

If you are looking for a gift for a loved one we have you covered with our beautifully packaged eco friendly gift set. Thank you for taking the time to view our collection. 

Elizabeth Monks, Founder

Elevate your plastic free product line

The Willow & Greene collection will add style and sustainable credentials to your store!