About Us

Willow & Greene: For the 'contemporary cabineer'. 

  1. Contemporary: This suggests a modern and current aesthetic or lifestyle. They likely appreciate sleek design, clean lines, and minimalistic yet functional products. They might be drawn to contemporary interior design styles and prefer products that reflect a sense of sophistication and simplicity.

  2. Cabineer: This term seems to evoke a connection to cabin life or the outdoors, indicating that they may have an affinity for nature, rustic settings, or the idea of escaping to a cabin retreat. They might enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, glamping or spending time in cozy cabin spaces.

The "contemporary cabineer" could be someone who values modern design and functionality while also cherishing a connection to nature and rustic living. They might seek out products that seamlessly blend style with sustainability, allowing them to bring a touch of contemporary elegance to their cabin lifestyle or urban dwelling while still honoring their love for the outdoors.

Willow & Greene dish and body bars are complemented by our in-house designed range of contemporary kitchen and bathroom accessories, ensuring a modern cohesive aesthetic.

Bar soap used to be messy, inconvenient and leave your skin dry. Our formulas promise to bring you right up to date with an earth centered, tactile experience that will define your connection to a more grounded self.

From our best-selling skin-kind solid dish soap that effortlessly tackles grease while being gentle on your hands, to our luxurious and creamy goat's milk soap that leaves your skin feeling nourished and refreshed, each product is crafted with care and premium quality ingredients. Our accessory designs incorporate sustainable wood and pristine white tones, evoking a rich, earthy simplicity that enhances any home.

Committed to sustainability, we ensure all our products are packaged and shipped completely plastic free. 

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Elizabeth Monks, Founder