Is solid dish soap right for you?

Is solid dish soap right for you?

What is a dishwashing bar? 

Have you started to notice dishwashing bars popping up on Amazon, Instagram, Etsy and even your local homeware boutique? 

Dishwashing bars are growing in popularity among a disgruntled consumer base tired of seeing so much unnecessary plastic in their home. They are a concentrated bar soap made using fatty oils and lye. They are proven to be effective in cutting through grease and grime and have natural antibacterial properties. 

Read on to discover whether a switch to a solid dish bar might be right for you:

1. YOU WANT TO BE MORE ECONOMICAL: Dishwashing bars typically come in 4, 6 or 9 oz. They are naturally concentrated, using approximately 75% less water than traditional liquid soaps. This means that a little goes a long way. If you have a dishwasher but like to wash pots, pans, and delicate items in the sink- a dishwashing bar will last you a LONG time. 

2. YOU WANT TO USE LESS PLASTIC: Dishwashing bars are a zero waste alternative to liquid dish soap. Did you know that one plastic bottle of dishwashing liquid spends 164,250 days in landfill? Dish bars reduce to nothing once you're finished with them, and package free refills are available here

3. YOU LOVE MINIMAL DESIGN: Dishwashing bars compliment a minimal design aesthetic. They look great with a handcrafted or wooden soap dish; you can make a real kitchen moment with your carefully curated soap dish, dishwashing bar and a few gorgeous natural dish brushes. We are noticing this style pop up in more and more kitchen design editorials and for good reason. 

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